I offer writing coaching, developmental editing and line editing services, drawing on my MFA in creative writing and years of teaching composition, literature, and creative writing to college students. I consider what I do now a form of private tutoring. If you’d like more information about my experience and qualifications, please see my vita.

Since my background is in creative writing, I particularly enjoy working with fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. I love novels, memoirs, stories, essays, and poems.  Some of my favorite genres are young adult fiction, women’s fiction, speculative fiction, and paranormal romance. However, I like variety and I’m open to writing of all types. Please email me with details about your book manuscript or other writing project, and I’ll determine if we’d be a good match.

The services I offer roughly correspond to stages in the writing process, but it’s possible to blend them in order to fit where you are with your particular project. My current rate is $35/hour for any services, and I’ll provide an estimate up front of how long I anticipate your project taking.


Writing Coaching

If you have a writing project in progress that you’re looking for guidance with, writing coaching will give you constructive feedback, assistance with meeting your goals, and trouble-shooting for any snags or blocks that you encounter along the way. We’ll arrange regular phone or video conferences to discuss your next steps and set deadlines. Between conferences, I’ll review new writing from your project and provide prompts and creative activities designed to support your progress.


Developmental Editing

If you have a complete draft in early stages of revision, and are looking for feedback on “big picture” concerns like structure, organization, plot, pacing, characterization, dialogue, setting, tone, style, etc., a developmental edit will critique these various elements, analyze how the pieces of your writing project are coming together, and provide suggestions for additions, deletions and revisions. I will read your draft carefully and write a detailed letter in response, referencing certain places in the text, and drawing your attention to areas you’ll want to target in your next revision.


Line Editing

If you have a writing project in the later stages of revision, you are ready to shift your focus away from content and structure and towards your use of language. Line editing is just what it sounds like; I will go line by line through your draft, addressing any words, sentences, or passages that are vague, confusing, choppy, bland, repetitive, awkward or overwrought. A line edit is different from a copyedit, in that the goal is to improve your writing, giving you knowledge and creative tools to apply to future projects. Because correcting errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar are important for the improvement of your writing and for creating a professional end result, my line edit will address these concerns as well. However, I don’t have the same goal that a copyeditor would of making your usage consistent with a particular style guide.